Our Story


We have supported fundraisers for animal shelters, breast cancer awareness, local community causes for years. We found out in November last year that Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA was experiencing a financial problem to the point of possibly closing.  We could not see that happen so we immediately began the plans for a Chinese Auction to raise money.  So we started asking for donations back in November.  Donations started coming in and we were thrilled.  In the meantime, Jen had a visitor over at One Stop Recycling in October which turned into being a resident.  The Chocolate Lab decided to make One Stop her safe house to sleep and then she toured Lykens on a daily basis like clockwork, she would be at exact spots daily.  This girl crossed the creek several times a day in the coldest months of this horrible winter to tour Lykens and eat.  She ate VERY well.  Jen asked for Ang's assistance in catching this girl in December/January.  We set a few traps and filled them with yummy food on a daily basis.  She ate and never set the trap to drop the doors.  Then February 9th was the day we got her.  It was such a great day!!!  We asked RSM to please take her in for the vet checkup/legal part of taking care of her.  Jen covered her expenses and RSM adopted her to Harold Daub.  This was love at first sight.  They are now inseparable and she is exactly where she belongs.  When RSM agreed to take this pup in and support our goal for this pup, this Chinese Auction exploded into the amazing event that it became.  This is a great shelter that deserves to stay open.  With our auction event, we managed to raise $15721.50 for the shelter which was amazing.  We have ONE AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE in our team and I want to grow this team to be something that everyone can be proud of.